Wescore Padel


WeScore, a digital scoreboard developed to enhance everyone’s padel experience. By combining the right materials with certain technical features, a product was created that excels in simplicity and precision.


As the manual describes, the scoreboard is controlled by a red and blue sensor. The sensors are set to respond to a padel racket, but not to a ball that happens to pass by the sensor.

With which racket you operate the scoreboard does not matter, but how you present the racket does. We like to emphasize that the sensor should be covered by the side/side of your racket. This is the most natural and prevents the scoreboard from registering errors.



A charger comes standard with the purchase of a scoreboard. As the word suggests, you only need the charger to charge the battery of the scoreboard. WeScore can be used wirelessly during a padel match!

The battery of the scoreboard lasts about 8h. Time enough to finish your padel session or play the final rounds of a tournament. Because yes, clubs can also use the scoreboard! Thanks to wireless remote bidding, a supporter operates the scoreboard from the sidelines.



The scoreboard is constructed of very light casing and finished in such a way that it is completely waterproof. This means that the material itself can withstand water and the scoreboard can be used even in damp weather or light rain.

BUT: despite the powerful suction cup, it is not obvious to fix the scoreboard on wet glass. Some caution is not unnecessary here.



The front of the scoreboard consists of an LED screen on which you read the score. The intensity of the LEDs adjusts automatically depending on the ambient light. Everything for optimal readability of your score!


The scoreboard was developed in compliance with European legislation and is CE approved. WeScore was conceived, developed and assembled in Belgium. The product was created through a close collaboration between TVR Engineering and Herwebo BV. Two Belgian companies with a passion for padel! Read more about them on the ‘about us’ page.