Wescore Padel

WeScore in detail

Our WeScore scoreboard usage is child’s play, but the various numbers and icons still require a bit of explanation. What follows here is a brief explanation of the scoreboard’s various indicators.

WeScore scorebord in detail


The Service indicator shows which duo is serving. On the screen it is depicted as a yellow square.

  • Yellow square on the left = blue serving
  • Yellow square right = red serves


This white rectangle at the bottom left or right of the screen only appears when the 1st set is completed. The set indicator shows how many sets each pair has won. Did each duo win 1 set? Then a white rectangle will appear at the bottom left and right. Depending on how you set the dial (1-2-3-4), the game continues with a 3rd set or super tiebreak.


At the top of the screen, 4 numbers are constantly displayed (2 left – 2 right). These show the position within the current game. For example: 15-30 or 30-40 or …   Is the scoreboard set to position 1 or 4 and are you playing at 40-40 to Advantage? Then ADV appears on the screen. Is the scoreboard set to position 2 or 4? In case of a tie, a T will appear at the end with a number to the left and right. In position 2 you play a super tiebreak to 10 points. In position 4 you play a tiebreak to 7 points.

Indicator of tiebreak and super tiebreak.


The 2 numbers at the bottom of the LED screen show the current score in games.